Welcome to Skin Therapy at Brittons

To begin, I am Mella Britton, owner/manager of the Skin Therapy. We were established in 1980, after qualifying at the renowned Bronwyn Conroy School of Beauty in Dublin.

What began in the 1980s as a grooming salon catering for the skin care needs of our clients, has developed into a successful Beauty and Holistic Treatment Salon..

In 1997 I attended an intensive course given by Margaret Loughrin in London, where I learned the unique Rejuvanessence - The Finger Tip Face lift.

2003, I qualified as a Reiki Practitioner under the guidence of Martina Coyne, of the Innue School of Healing

2005: I trained as a Kinesiologist with A.S.K. Ireland, under the direction of Siobhan Guthrie and Kieran Haughey.

2016: Compleated my training in Course - Instructor & Course Leadership in Systematic Kinesiology 

Skin Care begins from within, if we take care of our bodies (internally and externally) it will reward us with a radiance that is magic

Skin Therapy are proud former members of the Stronghold Chapter of BNI - however BNI members from near and far are most welcome.

Our 40th  Birthday Celebrations has to be put on hold - however - watch this space for updates very soon. Thank you to one and all, for your good wishes and support over the years and expecially during the months we were closed.

See you soon, Regards Mella and the girls 








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